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Our goal is to create appropriate situations to correct placement of teeth in the mouth cavity and as a result, to create a beautiful smile.
That all leads to improvement of facial aesthetics, its profile, and finally increasing the attractiveness of a person. It has a grate effect in increasing self confidence and success in the society.

Why orthodontics?

Orthodontics itself, helps to regular development and correction of irregularities of teeth and jaws, and removal of morphological and functional insufficiencies of dentition.

How is the process of treatment?

Treatment starts with examination and determining of the treatment plan.
It follows with delivery of removable or fixed appliances.
In the case of the removable appliances, after delivery, the patient is called to control each one to three mounts, according to the necessity.
In the case of fixed appliances,after setting, the patient is invited to control each four to six weeks. Treatment lasts two to three years.

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