First visit:

There are two possibilities. Either the patient is send by his or her dentist or comes by himself or herself because, he or she does not like something in his or her teeth.
In both cases, the orthodontist will examine you from dental and orthodontic point of view. It is important for patient, to have his or her teeth completely repaired by his or her dentist.
In case that the patient has some caries,it is important to repair them first.
Next stage is to make impressions and x-ray pictures necessary for assessment of treatment plan.

Second visit:

Orthodontist will assess the treatment plan on the base of impression and x-ray pictures. She will discuss it with you and explain why the decision is made in this way.
For example, quite often patients with hard malocclusion visit us and expect to have their teeth straightened without having some teeth extracted. Orthodontist does not know any magic, he or she works with the given datas.
Of course, you don´t have to agree with the offered plan.

Third visit:

In the case that the plan is a removable appliance,delivery of appliance.
In the case of fixed appliance, mostly we will do “separation” which is placement of small gummy wheels around some of your teeth, mostly first molars.

Fourth visit:

Placement of fixed appliance.

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