Some important notices


Teeth can be sensitive almost one week after starting with the appliance. It is normal reaction of teeth to the pressure from the appliance which disappears later. Teeth will addict to it. After each meeting the patient feels mild pressure, but not pain. It is like feeling after doing some sport when for the first time,the muscles ache abit ,later you have a good feeling from exercising.


After putting the braces, the patient should have in mind, that should take care with the food he eats. At the beginning, it is recommended to eat soft foods as yogurts and so on. Later, he will learn how to eat with appliances and it does not limit him in his life.


It is necessary to have perfect oral hygiene and to clean the teeth after each food, otherwise the teeth can decay or there could appear demineralization spots.


It is necessary to keep controls each four to six weeks with fixed appliances.

Controls by dentist

Normal dental controls should be done each half a year by your general dentist.


Sometimes some teeth behave so, that they are adhered to the bone and it doesn´t move during the treatment. In these cases, tooth does not respond to the treatment and its fate depends on the concrete situations.

In few cases, some teeth during the therapy becmes shorter in length.Sometimes it is due to inappropriate force applied. In other cases, it is unknown. Fortunately these situations are rare.

-Unexpected situations:
There are situations which happens unexpectedly mostly due to long lasting absence of patients.

-Inappropriate cooperation of patients:
The most common complication.
Absenc in planned visits, bad hygiene, less care in eating habits and some others. These complications are sometimes so serious and a proper reason to finish treatment.

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